Friday November 2nd




Welcome, Introduction and Orientations (Council Room)
Kieran Keohane, Anders Petersen, Bert van den Bergh.


Keynote – 1. Sabine Flick (Council Room)  

Chair: Anders Petersen
 "Reslience, Salutogenesis and Social Suffering"


Coffee – Council Room Foyer  - Welcome Address,
Professor Chris Williams, Head of College


Panel A1 – Council Room

Contemporary Challenges in Suicide Prevention

Chair: Peter Kearney

1.  Ella Arensman; R. Benson J. Bigby Paul Corcoran, Eve Griffin, Niall McTernan.



Panel B1 (Tower Room 1

Anxiety and Grieving

Chair Lorcan Byrne

1. Domonkos Sik
2. Anders Petersen

Panel C1 (NW conference room)

Pathological Normalcy, Normative Sociology, Critique

Chair Verdi Ahern

1. Neal Harris
2. Ruben Flores
3. Tom Boland


Keynote –2.  Ivan Perry (Council Room)

Chair Myles Balfe

“Social Pathology, Social Medicine and Public Health”


Lunch: college restaurant (upstairs)


Keynote -3. Chris Rojek.Council Room

Chair: Maggie O’Neill

“Living without a moral centre: Kolakowski’s account of the moral lacuna in Western liberal democracy”


Coffee Council Room foyer


Panel A2 – Council Room

New Understandings of Depression

Chair Kieran Keohane

  1. Eugene Egan,
  2. Bohdan Wasilewski,
  3. Blahosolov Wasilewska
  4. Mariola Bidzan
  5. Lipowska, Theo Leydenbach.

Panel B2 (Tower Room 1)

Shame, Memory, and Ritual.

Chair Amin Isaloo

1.  Thomas Scheff
2. Kelly Fitzgerald
3. John O’Brien

Panel C2 (NW conference room)

Meaning, Entropy and Political Theology

Chair: Meilan Zhang

1. Paul O’Conner
2. Ruth Bevan
3. Katie Scallan Richard Burke, Ray Griffin, and Collette Kirwan






Keynote –4. Alan Blum. Council room.

Chair: Kieran Keohane

“The Worm’s Eye View of Life: an Essay on Desperation”


Book launch, Staff Common Room

John O’Brien (2019) States of Intoxication: The Impact of State Formation Processes on Drinking Culture.

Peter Kearney (2019) Healing Rites of Passage London: Routledge.

Launched by Professor Arpad Szakolczai 


Dinner (Imperial Hotel, South Mall)




Saturday November 3rd

9.30 –10.30

Morning plenary (Council Room)


Dementia and Imagination: Loss of meaningfulness, and the meaning of life


Kieran Keohane “Social suffering and loss of Name of the Father: de-symbolization, and two cases of Dementia”.


Michael Howlett.“Imagination, Comedy, and Network Relationships: Impulses from the poetry of Patrick Kavanagh for the meaning of life in contemporary society”

Saturday November 3rd cont.

10.30 -11.00

Coffee – Council Room foyer


Panel A3 Council Room

Madness, Modernity, and Psychiatry

Chair: Sabine Flick

1.  Bert van den Bergh

2. Peter Clement Lund

3. Ian Hughes & Fionn Rogan


Panel B3 - Tower Room 1Gender Relations, Disrupted Sexualities, Identit(ies) & Autism

Chair: Emma Gleeson

1. Simone Rassmann

2. Myles Balfe

3. Ann Burke

4. Sarah O’Leary


Panel C3- NW conference room

Liminality, Precarity, Illusions

Chair Michael Howlett

1. Amin Sharifi Isaloo

2. Carmen Kuhling

3. Elke Muller

12.45 1.45

Lunch: college restaurant (upstairs)



  1. Blahoslav Rozbořil: “Non Utilitarian Education”  (Tower room 1)
  2. Sarah Halford: “New Stories in a Time of Climate Change” (Tower room 2)
  3. Doris Prügel-Bennett: “An Embodied Approach of Analysis, Discussion and Exploration of Perspectives” (North wing conference room)


Coffee Council Room foyer


Panel A4 – Council Room

Dementia, diagnosis, and transitions to Care

Chair: Myles Balfe

  1. Nicole Muller
  2. Sophia Lindeberg.
  3. Emma Gleeson
  4. Assumpta Ryan


Panel B4- (Tower Room 1)

Terror, Bliss, Grace, and Primitivism.

Chair Carmen Kuhling

1. Elizabeth Steward
2. Emma Maguire, Collette Kirwan & Ray Griffin
3. Jim Parris

Panel C4 –NW Conference room

Technology, Theology, Bureaucracy, and Viriology

Chair Anthony Haynor

1. James Cuffe
2. Andrea Bergamini
3. Irene Dabrowski & Anthony Haynor
4. Anthony Behan


Afternoon plenary (Council room)

Chair Tom Moylan

Walking, Talking, Curing 

1. Maggie O’Neill
2. Matt Fletcher
3. Yianna Liatsos
4. Katie Verling


Arpad Szakolczai “Modernity and Trickster Knowledge”

Chair: Tom Boland


Closing remarks & Thanks: Kieran Keohane, Anders Petersen, Bert van den Bergh, Sabine Flick


Conference ends, and parting glass at Reidy’s Wine Vaults