Published November 19, 2021
220 Pages

Published in 2013

Contents: Introduction, Kieran Keohane and Anders Petersen; Part I Social Pathologies: Addressing the Question: The notion of social pathology: a case study of Narcissus in American society, Alain Ehrenberg; The social pathologies of contemporary civilization: meaning-giving experiences and pathological expectations concerning health and suffering, Arpad Szakolczai; Modernity as spiritual disorder: searching for a vocabulary of social pathologies in the work of Eric Voegelin, Bjørn Thomassen. Part II Social Pathologies: Contemporary Malaises: The value of houses in the libidinal economy: financialization as social pathogenesis, Kieran Keohane; Depression: resisting ultra-liberalism?, Bert van den Bergh; The pathologization of morality, Svend Brinkmann; The multiple self: a social pathology?, Annalisa Porfilio; Possible explanations for increasing antidepressant treatment in modern society, Margrethe Nielsen and Gunnar Scott Reinbacher. Part III Social Pathologies: Biopower, Subjectification and Civilization: Does society still matter? Mental health and illness and the social sciences in the 21st century, Pia Ringø; Evaluations as a process of disenfranchisement, Anders Petersen and Rasmus Willig; Schismogenesis, liminality and public health, Agnes Horvath; Index.