Panels & Presenters

A Academia and Suffering       

Karen H. Ross: Student Suffering in a “Wellness” Era: Healthism, Neoliberalism, and Resistance on Campus

Tom Boland: Academia Nervosa: The pathologies of the intellectual asylum

Sandra Matthäus: Social Pathologies from the perspective of practice theory: on Bourdieu and the social conditions of suffering in (late) modernity


B Buddhism and Optimization

Greta Wagner: Self-optimization, Exhaustion and the Buddhist Spirit of Capitalism

Ruben Flores: Buddhism, social suffering and the dialogue between biology, social research and contemplative science

Benedikt Salfeld/ Julia Schreiber: Individual Processing of Contemporary Optimization and Competition Demands


C: Resilience and Human Rights  

Hannah S. Hübner:  “Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law”, 1948

Edgar Tasia: The Pratice of Dadirri. Learning How to Become Resilient in Contemporary Australia

Usche Merk: Solidarity instead of resilience – a case study of support for deported refugees in Sierra Leone


D:  Theorizing Social Pathologies

Mariana Teixeira: A World without Suffering? Social Pathologies and the Tasks of Critical Theory

Arthur Bueno: From Social Reproduction to General Vitality: Durkheim’s Two Concepts of Social Pathology

Arto Laitinen/Arvi Särkelä: Four Conceptions of Social Pathology


E:  Neoliberalism, Alienation and new Collectives 

Bert van den Bergh: Is Modernity in a state of Alienation? Rosa’s return to an abandoned concept

Peter Kearney: Redemptive Suffering in Limerick: A civic renaissance after the sudden unexpected death of Anthony Foley, rugby warrior, scapegoat and sanctified hero

Carmen Kuhling/Kieran Keohane: The moral injuries of neoliberalism


F: Fields of Suffering      

Elisabeth Rohr: Children’s suicides in Ecuador – an effect of migratory pathologies?

Ray Griffin: The social pathology of making entrepreneurial work

Sasha Roseneil: Living Change: culture, creativity and community in the face of societal destabilizations


G: Subjectivation and Practices of the Self

Hendrik Trescher: Disability between Social Construction and Affective Experience

Thorn-R. Kray: Good Advice? The Dubious Rhetoric of Practical Guidance in Self-Help Literature for Love and Work

Christian Sperneac-Wolfer: Resonance as Fate?


H: Work, Time & Stress

Tobias Schottdorf: Freedom, Expectations and the New Self. Towards a Critical Theory of Social Stress

Claus D: Hansen: Presenteeism as social suffering – absenteeism in an Era of Resilience